TESDA Accredited Schools blog is dedicated to providing basic yet useful information to all FIlipinos, high school graduates and undergrads as well as those who do not have the finance / budget to spend for college course studies.

With our list of accredited training centers all over the Philippines, we hope to be able to give all our blog readers prime information on where to find and enroll for a course and seek scholarship grant from regional and local provincial branches of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority.

In the meantime, for those who are searching for any particular information regarding TESDA from courses to scholarship offers, we strongly suggest that you visit our main page here – TESDA Courses.

For frequently asked questions or just about any other concern you want to raise to us, please feel free to visit our Ask TESDA page. This page is where you can literally ask us in Tagalog, English or even Taglish (a combination of English and Tagalog).


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